Counseling Services

Thank you for your interest in my counseling services. If you're seeing this message, please note that my website site is still under construction. There may be links that do not yet work and pages that are incomplete. If you'd like to be notified when the site fully up and running, feel free to let me know using this form. I will start taking appointments in January of 2023.

Welcome to my counseling practice. I work entirely online. I offer mental health counseling counseling services to adults in the state of Florida via HIPAA-compliant video, phone, and text. See here for a detailed description of my service packages. My specialty areas are listed below.

To begin your counseling journey, I'd like to help you decide if my practice is a good fit for you. I want you to have as much information as possible about the treatment process so you can feel comfortable making your first appointment. This page will provide you with information on my clinical credentials, my approach to counseling, and links to all my policies and procedures.

For privacy purposes, I consider you a counseling client as soon as you inquire about my counseling services, and I will treat your contact information and questions as protected health information.

There's a lot of information on this website, and I realize it's time-consuming to get through it all. Here are several good reasons for taking that time:

  • You want to feel comfortable with the service you sign up for.

  • You want to feel secure about your privacy.

  • You want to know something about the person you are trusting with your therapy.

  • You want to understand what to expect and what's expected of you.

  • You want a counseling service that demonstrates a high standard of care.

  • You want to know what tools will be used for your virtual counseling services.

Please leave yourself a few days to digest all the information I've provided. If you have questions after reading the material and you still aren't sure about starting therapy with me, please submit your questions on this form, or schedule a call. I offer complementary 15 minute exploratory sessions by phone for interested clients who have read the materials on the website. To keep those 15 minutes as productive as possible, please familiarize yourself with my services by reading the materials and links on this site. You can schedule a call by submitting this form.

How to Reach Me

I take calls by appointment only. My business phone is HIPAA-compliant and you may leave a voice mail. To best protect your privacy, I recommend you use the HIPAA-compliant initial contact form to inquire about services. If you send an email through the contact page, please be sure to select the button for counseling email. My general business email is is HIPAA-secure, but yours most likely is not. All forms provided on this site are HIPAA-secure. For that reason, I recommend that you use the initial contact form instead of emailing for information.

How to Initiate Treatment

If you are interested in my services, please read the material provided on this page and the links it directs you to. You will not formally enter treatment until you have signed a HIPAA-secured informed consent agreement. I will send you that form via encrypted, HIPAA-secured email after you complete the initial contact form. Please see my Technology and Security Policies and Procedures for details on how the encrypted email works. The informed consent agreement is a legal, binding agreement in which you accept the terms of my service. When you sign that agreement, you will be asked to confirm that you have read and agree to all of the policies on this page. At any time during your treatment, please feel free to ask any clarifying questions.

The HIPAA-secured informed consent agreement gives you the ability to enter a digital signature using a mouse, touchpad, your finger, or a stylus, depending on the capabilities of your device. On that form, you will agree to using an electronic signature (i.e. your name in typed text) in future treatment documents. Your digital signature will also be required for any authorizations to release information.

Please view the Notice of Privacy Practices for a complete description of how I protect your privacy.

Benefits of Virtual Counseling

Durable Change

If you’ve been in therapy before, chances are you’ve experienced lecture presentations during group therapy. If you’ve been in rehab, you know that the bulk of time in treatment is spent in group therapy, with perhaps an hour a week for alone time with your therapist (Brooks et al., 2012; Wendt & Gone, 2017). How'd you like to get back 60-80% of the time you'd invest in attending treatment or live workshops? The same content you'd see in live workshops or treatment can be presented in far less time using videos. Do you remember listening to a lecture or presentation, thinking, "I don't have the mental bandwidth for this right now"? Research shows that people remember new concepts better and longer when it's delivered via short videos than they do sitting in a live presentation (McCammon, 2015). With your private therapy and training site that comes with my services, you can watch the videos when it's best for you - when you have the energy and focus, when you have the time, and when it's convenient. And you can watch them over and over. You’ll also have access to worksheets that help you hone in on what’s important. The worksheets I provide for you to use between sessions give you an opportunity to take ownership of your recovery and reflect on your process. Active learning is more fun, more satisfying, and more powerful than simply reading, listening, and watching. On your private therapy and training website, you'll have opportunities to read, listen, and watch, but you'll also have a chance to actively question old knowledge and build new knowledge and skills. I give you exercises that help you analyze your thoughts and feelings, evaluate what's working for you and what isn't, and devise options for yourself that you didn't see before. You’ll gain insight from this work, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to develop that insight further when we talk about your work in session.

Concierge Counseling Services

What is concierge counseling?

Concierge counseling is an offshoot of concierge medicine and concierge hotel services.

Possible Limitations of

TeleMental Health Services

With all technology, there are some limitations. Technology may occasionally fail before or during our session. The problems may be related to internet connectivity, difficulties with hardware, software, equipment, and/or services supplied by a 3rd party. Any problems with internet availability or connectivity are outside my control. I make no guarantee that such services will be available or work as expected. Please read my technology and security policies and procedures for recommendations on how to troubleshoot technical issues.

In the event that something occurs to prevent or disrupt any scheduled appointment due to technical complications and the session cannot be completed via online video, I will first attempt to use the chat feature of the video application to troubleshoot. If this feature is unavailable, I will contact you through another application to complete the session, either by phone, text, or email. It may be necessary for us to adapt and use an alternate method of communication that day, or a different format - phone, text, or email as opposed to video. This is one reason it is important to let me know if any of your contact information changes. Please make sure I have your current phone number(s) and email address. Please keep my contact information on hand for all scheduled appointments just in case we experience technical issues.

Risks to use of technology for virtual counseling are discussed in my technology and security policies and procedures.

Who is Your Counselor?

My Counseling Credentials

Counseling Credentials:

Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), State of Florida

National Certified Counselor (NCC)

Board-Certified TeleMental Health Provider (BC-TMH)

Academic Degrees:

2024, expected. EdD, Instructional Design and Technology, Nova Southeastern University

2017. MA, Composition, Rhetoric, and Digital Media, Nova Southeastern University

2012. Mental Health Counseling, Nova Southeastern University

1993. BA, Social Psychology, Florida Atlantic University

1993. Women's Studies Certificate, Florida Atlantic University

1991. AA, Psychology, Palm Beach Junior College


Florida Mental Health Counselor's Association (FMHCA)

Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE)

Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT)

I maintain my license and certifications with continuing education throughout the year. If you're interested in learning which professional workshops I have attended recently, see here.

My Clinical Approach

Expectations about client and counselor Professional/counseling theories/orientations and vales regarding the counseling process

Scope of Practice


Areas of Interest


My Eight Tenets of Recovery

Becoming a lifelong learner.
Developing inner awareness about outward behaviors.
Realizing that acceptance is the antidote to most discomforts.
Nurturing an ability to notice the little things.
Embracing a sense of appreciation.
Recognizing bountiful opportunities to be useful.
Committing to a principled life.
Finding peace of mind.

Paths to Improvement

I believe that recovery occurs through dedication to bettering oneself, including:

  • Personal Development

  • Character Development

  • Professional Development

  • Formal and Informal Education

  • Physical Wellness

  • Spiritual Practice

  • Emotion Regulation

  • Clear Communication

Proud FMHCA member

Please see here to view my Florida state license in mental health counseling.

You are welcome to confirm the current status of my license here.

Getting Started

If you've read all the material on this site, and you are excited to get started, it's time to complete an initial contact form and fill out the intake documents. Let's be honest. Everyone's least favorite part of the counseling process is reading and filling out the intake documents. Please leave yourself a few days to read through and sign the consent agreement and authorizations. Do not expect to start counseling the same day you first visit this site. You will need to sign an informed consent agreement before we schedule your first appointment, and to sign that agreement, you will need to read several documents and complete several forms.

I suggest completing the intake in the following order:

  1. Read the Description of Services

  2. Read the Technology and Security Policies and Procedures

  3. Read the Virtual Counseling Service Packages, in which you will find information on plans, fees, cancellation policies, and caveats.

  4. Read the Notice of Privacy Practices

  5. Read the policies and procedures here.

  6. Send the HIPAA-secure initial contact form and let me know 1) if you are interested in counseling services, and 2) if you have any questions about my counseling services.

  7. Complete the Intake Form.

  8. Complete the Biopsychosocial Interview.

  9. Complete the Informed Consent Agreement. You will receive the link to this agreement via HIPAA-secure email once you have sent the initial contact form and expressed an interest in counseling services.

  10. Complete the Authorization Form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do you charge?

Please see my virtual counseling service packages for pricing and plan information.

Do you have a sliding fee scale?

Not at this time.

Do you take insurance?

This is a private pay practice. I do not take insurance, file insurance, or communicate with your insurance company. I can provide a superbill for you upon request, but it will be your responsibility to file it and to communicate with your insurance company. Your out-of-network benefits may or may not cover my services. I cannot guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse you, nor will I register with them or speak with them on your behalf.

Can someone else pay for my services?

Sure, but you will need to sign a release 1) allowing me to confirm for them that you are a client receiving therapy from me, and 2) agreeing that I can inform they of the dates and duration of the sessions for which they are paying. They will sign an agreement authorizing the charges and acknowledging that they will not have access to any additional information about you or your treatment without your signed, written consent.

Do you accept clients who live outside Florida?

I am currently licensed as a mental health counselor in the state of Florida only. Legally, I cannot work with you unless you are physically located in the state of Florida at the time of service. Please see my travel policy for more information. If you are located in another state and would like me to consider licensure in your state, please let me know by completing this form.

How long is a session?

Video sessions are typically booked for one hour. One hour means one hour - not 45-50 minutes. I offer additional time in fifteen minutes increments via video, phone, and text messaging if the time is available. Please see my virtual counseling service packages for all the details and feel free to send questions via this form.

What happens at the first session?


What can I expect from therapy?


How often do we meet?

My business model is built around weekly services that include a minimum of one hour-long video session and 24/7 access to a HIPAA-secure, individualized, self-paced therapy and training website that I tailor to your needs. That's the base package at Tier 1. Tiers 2 and 3 offer additional therapy time via text messaging and phone using HIPAA-secure technologies. Please see my virtual counseling service packages for all the details. If you have questions about these packages, please feel free to send questions via this form. I do not offer counseling services without the full Tier 1 package.

I base my business model on my training, field experience, and evidenced-based practices. Research in both counseling and education confirms that these methods and materials help you achieve your therapeutic goals and lead to lasting change.

After the first six months, we will review your case and decide together whether to meet less frequently, and I will provide you with an update to our pricing structure and informed consent agreement at that time.

Do you offer a complimentary phone consultation so I can talk to you before scheduling?

Generally speaking, I do not. There are two reasons.

First, free phone consultations are often mistaken as an opportunity to take the therapeutic relationship for a test drive. That's not a realistic goal. You can't build trust in 15 minutes. You might get a good feeling from talking to someone, and they might make a positive impression on you. But if you're ready to unconditionally trust someone you've never met after a 15 minute phone call, then let me tell you - that's something you might want to work on in therapy. Trust comes with time and consistency. The best way for you to determine if my services are a good fit for you is to look through my website. I've thoroughly described what you can expect from me, and what is expected from you as a client. Familiarize yourself with my clinical approach, service packages, and policies. I've given you a ton of information here, and I have probably addressed most of your concerns. If I haven't, please send me your questions via this form. Research shows that the therapeutic relationship is the most important determinant of success in therapy. If you decide to work with me, we will work together to establish that relationship. It will develop over time - not over a 15 minute phone call.

Second, when you commit to an appointment with a counselor, even a free consultation, you create a contract. You expect me to show up, and I expect you to show up. Your time is valuable, and so is mine. An exploratory phone call is similar to speed dating - there's no commitment from you, and no obligation. I am available for appointments when you are ready to make a commitment. You wouldn't want me to take your phone call without the willingness to work with you, would you? Well, same here. If you're not sure my business model is a good fit for you even after reading all the material on my website, take this screening quiz and see for yourself. I think the screening quiz will help you make an informed decision. If reading, watching videos, and interacting online are unappealing to you, then I can save you some time: My services are not a good fit for you. My services are 100% virtual, and they offer substantial, meaningful content. Yes, we will spend a lot of time just talking. But I will also give you learning materials to work on between sessions. Sometimes, you'll get them all done. Sometimes you won't, and that's okay. But this practice is built on combining talk therapy with education and real world application. If you're not interested in learning, I'm not the therapist for you.

What if I cannot make my scheduled appointment?

Please see my appointment and cancellation policies here.

How do you protect my privacy?

Please see my notice of privacy practices and my technology and security policies and procedures for details. These policies discuss:

  • Safeguards I have in place to protect you

  • Safeguards you can put in place on your end

  • The applications I use and why I chose them

  • How I comply with HIPAA

How do you define recovery?

I tend to favor the SAMHSA definition, which is inclusive enough to cover mental health, addictions, and wellness.

Recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live self-directed lives, and strive to reach their full potential. (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, n.d.)

If you identify as a person in recovery, then I consider you to be "in recovery."

Which recovery program is right for me?

List options with links

Where do you stand on harm reduction versus abstinence?

I have mixed feelings about it.

Do you offer group therapy?

I do not have regularly scheduled group sessions. I set up groups when the need presents. I offer group therapy when there are a number of clients who 1) have expressed an interest, and 2) are working toward the same task or processing the same concerns.

Do I need to be tech savvy to use your counseling services?

You do not need to be a tech expert, or even be comfortable with the programs I use, but you do need to be willing to use them. I am happy to spend time acclimating you to the technology. But if you are tech-resistant or using apps to communicate causes you such anxiety that you will avoid scheduling or keeping sessions, please find a local counselor who provides in-person services and save your self the stress. If you are not willing to create and safely store passwords and passcodes, virtual counseling is going to compromise your security and privacy. If you are not willing to spend time learning how to use the programs I use to deliver services to you, either with my guidance or on your own, this practice is not the right fit for you.

How can I learn more about you?

Read the Who is my counselor? section further up on this page, and browse the rest of the website for more information about me and what I do.

Can I refer my friends and family to you?

Absolutely! But please be aware that due to confidentiality laws, I cannot tell you if they have engaged in services with me or not unless they have signed a release saying it's okay for me to share that information with you. If they have not, my answer will be, "I'm sorry. I cannot confirm or deny whether someone is or has been a client."

What tech will I need?


Why do you ask me to complete the intake process before our first appointment?


Is there anyone you won't work with?

I do not work with clients under 18 years of age.

I do not work with clients whose diagnoses are outside the scope of my training and experience. My specialty areas are listed further up on this web page.

I do not work with clients whose presentation indicates that they would be best served by treatment at an inpatient facility. This may be determined from the initial contact, but depending on the information provided, it may not be possible to determine until the initial evaluation has been completed. Some clients may develop the need for inpatient treatment during the course of counseling. If this becomes apparent, I will make an appropriate recommendation.

I do not work with clients who are looking for in-person sessions, or whose diagnosis or current circumstances make in-person therapy a better fit. My practice is 100% virtual.

In keeping with the ethics of the counseling profession, I cannot engage in a counseling role with you if:

  • We are friends.

  • We are family.

  • We are FB friends.

  • We have a past personal relationship.

  • You are located outside the state of Florida at the time of treatment.

Do you provide documentation for people with emotional support animals?

Please see my ESA letters request policy here.

What is instructional design and what does it have to do with counseling?

How many times have you been to individual or group therapy where the therapist hands you a photocopy of a chapter and says, "We're going to read this and talk about it?" Bibliotherapy is a fabulous tool, and I use it often. But reading can get tedious and time-consuming and - let's face it - sometimes it can be a little boring. Think about the groan you can't hold back when you see a PowerPoint slide covered with text. Think about how you feel when the facilitator then adds insult to injury by reading it to you! Human beings cannot listen and read at the same time. And people process information at different paces. Some of you may prefer reading to watching videos. You may even prefer one over the other at different times of the day or week, or in different settings. Part of good instructional design is about giving learners options - choices about how they want to absorb the material, and choices about how they want to process and apply that material.

An instructional designer

What does your logo mean?

Please see the branding section of my About page for a discussion of my logo and color palette.

Do you offer in-person appointments?

No. My practice is entirely virtual. If you're a potential client and you are looking for an in-person provider, I have a few names in the Palm Beach County, Florida area I'd be happy to refer you to. Please reach out for those names using this form.

Do you offer virtual services per diem for individual or group counseling?

If you are a private practice or a treatment facility, and you find yourself in need of a clinician to fill in when your clinicians are sick, on vacation, or suddenly leave, feel free to reach out using this form and I will be happy to talk to you about providing per diem services for you virtually, pending availability. Because I am licensed in the state of Florida, I can only offer this option to facilities and practices that are located in Florida. You will need a reliable Wi-Fi connection and either a large smart TV or computer for groups, and a computer or tablet for individual sessions. There are security concerns when meeting with clients individually on their personal devices (i.e. phones), and it can be complicated and time-consuming to set this up when I'm only coming in for the day or the week, so it is best if you have a facility-owned computer or tablet they can use. Virtual services for facilities will be delivered via my HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software and will not require a software purchase on your end.

Do you accommodate people with disabilities?

Reading materials and videos are accessible through screen readers and closed captioning. Every effort is made to produce materials in multiple forms to accommodate those with visual or auditory impairment.

If you require an interpreter for video counseling sessions, you will need to sign a release of information specific to that situation, and your interpreter will need to sign a business associate agreement if they are not a covered entity. This is to ensure the protection of your personal health information.