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On-Demand Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Concierge therapy for adults in Florida who want tools that resonate with them. 

I specialize in working with brainy adults who use alcohol and other drugs to cope with stress and anxiety, and who struggle with loss of control in multiple areas of life. I help you to no longer feel powerless over the consequences you’re facing, and to change how you feel about yourself and your sense of happiness with life. 

It looks like you’ve got it all together, but you're hiding something. 

Nobody sets out to have a substance use disorder. What starts out as a nice way to relax or a fun way to unwind suddenly turns into a list of feelings you stuff and habits you don’t talk about. Next thing you know, your chest is tight, you grind your teeth, you don’t sleep well, your desk is disorganized, you’re late to work, you’re avoiding the people you love, and you’re apologizing to the people at work who are picking up your slack. Your meds list has grown but you don’t feel any better, and people around you are whispering words like addict and alcoholic. You feel like you’re living under a constant threat, but you can’t tell where the threat is coming from. At the heart of it all is fear. Fear of losing control. Fear of making the wrong choice. Fear of being found out. Fear of being alone. But where did the fear come from? I can help you answer that. 

Imagine a life where you have more choices. 

Recovery is about more than abstinence. 

It’s about lifestyle change. 

It’s about empowerment, security, and serenity. 

It's my job to give you the tools to better your life, and to give you my 100% whether you show up demanding to be challenged or dragging your butt. 

When you pay for a high-end counseling service, you're looking for an exceptional level of service. You want to be able to contact me directly. You want attention. You want material to work on between sessions. No matter what you want help with, you want to know that your needs will be addressed. You’ll be able to reach me seven days a week. You’re not not going to go through this alone. 

We’re going to face the fear, and we’re going to focus on your strengths to do it. You have strengths, I promise. You have many strengths. We’re going to nix the self-sabotage and empower you to manage your thoughts, your feelings, and your boundaries. There’s a lot of crossover between addiction, stress & anxiety, and personal growth & self-esteem. We’re going to look at the whole package and see how it all fits together.  

Take the leap of faith and start therapy now. Fill out the counseling intake form and let’s get this journey going.


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