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Vision Statement

The vision of the Michelle Robin Gould Corporation is:

  • To empower people in recovery to wake up with passion for life.

  • To engage counseling clients and colleagues with dynamic, lean-forward learning that inspires participation and drives clients toward real world action.

  • To innovate the delivery of private practice counseling by providing secure, affordable options to support the adoption of e-learning content in client treatment and counselor education.

  • To bridge the gap between private practice counseling. instructional design and delivery, and counselor education by fusing research-supported strategies from the counseling, education, system theory, and technology industries.

Mission Statement

My mission is helping humans learn how to human, pioneering an intersection between counseling services and instructional design, because the learning journey should be personalized, measurable, and applicable in the real world. Training should result in new skills, not just new knowledge. It's okay to want more out of life.

Core Values

Listed below, the company’s core values demonstrate a commitment to innovation, to encouraging clients to step outside their comfort zone, and to catalyze trust in the integrity of the company.


Services and products are accessible from computer, phone, or tablet, 7 days/week, with service plans that offer concierge-level contact with the therapist and instructional designer


Commitment to providing exceptional value across service, content, security, and support with a focus on improving quality of life.


Putting people at the center of their own lives so they stop feeling trapped or stuck and start feeling capable by realizing they have more options than they thought.


Developing new content in response to clients' needs and the emergence of new technologies.


Offering meaningful solutions through authentic learning experiences that apply to real life.


Giving clients engaging tools to work with at their own pace, so self-improvement and lifelong learning fit into their lifestyle.


Setting achievable expectations through lesson plans with clearly-understood, easily measured results that confirm changes in knowledge, skills, and attitudes that elevate experiences in all areas of one’s life.


My company offers three service-product offerings: counseling services, instructional design services, and counselor education. The three overlapping triangles in my logo represent these three offerings and hint at the intersections between these services. My company tagline, “Exploring options, Enriching lives” speaks to the ideology of all three of my company’s offerings.

The intricacy of my color palette communicates the complexity of the human condition. Three of my palette colors designate each business offering: orange for counseling services, pink for instructional design services, and red for counselor education. These visual cues help you navigate my website.

The triangles icon features additional hues that are used on my website and throughout my therapy and training materials. The descriptors below illuminate the meaning behind each color choice and explain the role of each color in supporting my mission, vision, and core values.

Optimistic Orange

Optimism. Creativity. Enthusiasm. Warmth. Friendliness. Welcoming.

Promising Pink

Boldness. Playfulness. Vibrance. Self-respect. Harmony. Energy. Defiance. Innovation.

Robin Red

Stimulation. Vitality. Wealth. Passion. Excitment. Urgency. Power. Action.

Sunshine Yellow

Cheerfulness. Brightness. Fun. Happiness. Purification. Awareness. Mental Acuity. Logic/Intellect.

Soft Lime

Freshness. Naturalness. Growth. Renewal. Generosity. Nurturing.

Surfer Cyan

Stability. Dependability. Trustworthiness.

Caribbean Cyan

Rejuvenation. Calming. Healing.

Sea Glass Cyan

Soothing. Restfulness. Spirituality.

Strong Cyan

Strength. Loyalty. Dignity. Security.


Purity. Simplicity. Clarity. Freshness. Cleanliness.

Soft Onyx

Classic. Elegant. Sophisticated. Luxurious. Powerful.

Credentials and Qualifications

Please see each of the main pages for my specific training and qualifications in counseling services, instructional design services, and counselor education.

Work-Life Balance

There are several things I do to maintain work-life balance. I love to cook. Cooking is meditative for me. I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian, and I'm constantly experimenting. I play with my cat, a Bombay Panther (aka black cat) named Charley-McGillicuddy. I subscribe to Netflix, Paramount+, Amazon Video, Amazon Music, and Masterclass. One of my favorite ways to relax is creating posts for my social media sites. Having a creative outlet that channels my recovery interests keeps my imagination active and my recovery fresh. I meditate daily, and I use the Yamuna Body Rolling balls for chronic pain management. I have been in continuous recovery from addiction since 2011, and I practice an active recovery program. I call recovery supports daily, I attend meetings, I have a sponsor, I maintain service commitments, I read voraciously, and I journal. Most importantly, I stay teachable.

You may have noticed that I offer counseling services seven days a week, and you might wonder how I avoid burnout. Keep in mind that just because I book sessions seven days a week doesn't mean I have time available every waking hour of all seven days! If I've booked personal time, I consider that time just as booked as it would be for a professional booking. After all, if I don't model good time management and healthy habits for you, how could you trust me to help you with those issues?