Stop waiting for change to happen to you.


I'm Michelle.

People tell you you’re “difficult” and “demanding”, and you’re sick of hearing them frame it as a flaw. I will frame it as a strength. We will tap into the strengths you already have - and I promise, you have many strengths. If you struggle with polarized thinking (aka either/or, black and white), feeling trapped, low self-esteem, and setting boundaries, I can help you identify your options and build the life you can’t wait to wake up to.

I use a strength-based approach to therapy - a wellness model rather than a medical model. We are going to shift the focus from what is wrong with you to what is right. That doesn’t mean we’re going to ignore the problems, but it does mean we’re not going to obsess about them - because problems are not the most important thing about you. We will acknowledge your suffering, address your pain points, and determine what is needed to help you flourish.  Our priority will be to build your resilience, your strengths, and your resources so you can build a life worth living. 

You want things to change, but you’re not sure where to start. 

I am your ally on this journey - your lantern, your umbrella, your pathfinder, and your collaborator. Change is the overarching goal in our work together. Change is about choice and action. Let's power up your recovery. 

What to Expect

I work with the whole you - not just this or that problem. Witnessing the changes that people in recovery go through is beautiful, awe-inspiring, and absolutely worth every moment of struggle and doubt along the way. I am thrilled that you're here and I appreciate the trust it takes for you to start with a new therapist. I believe in you. I believe in your ability to empower yourself. I believe in your ability to develop independence, self-sufficiency, and sustainable changes in your quality of life. 

I get it; Sometimes you just want to talk. We'll spend plenty of time doing that. But for therapy to have the effect you're looking for, I believe that a strong psychoeducational component is essential. I am a cognitive behavioral therapist. I believe there's a strong relationship between what you think, feel, and do. Your therapy will consist of talking, doing, and learning. Processing is part of learning. It's not a separate activity. Therapy is an iterative cycle of conversation, feeling, education, experiential practice, learning, and action. 

The past is a rich source of information.


The past can give you insight, untangle your present, and empower your healing process. There is always room for improvement, and the good news is that resilience can be taught, and hope can be learned. 

Together, we’ll determine the steps you will need to take to meet the goals you want to meet and feel the way you want to feel. Context drives most of our choices, but it can be hard to see the big picture from inside the canvas. That’s where I come in. I help you see the big picture. 

We always have more options than we think we do. 

Seeing our options often starts with looking at our part in things. That’s a scary prospect, but it is liberating, because it shows us the difference between the things we are powerless over and the things we can control. 

Therapy is not a quick fix. It's a starting block. 

When you take what you work on in therapy and apply it in real life, that's when significant healing takes place. That's where you achieve lasting change.  When you lead a values-based life,  you never have to question your integrity, your self-esteem, or your worth - and neither does anyone else. That doesn’t mean you’ll never fail at anything or make any mistakes. It means you’ll do your best with what you know. It’s my job to challenge you. That may be uncomfortable at times, and you may respond to those challenges with frustration. That’s okay. I will come from a place of love, and I will not take things personally.  

I encourage you to be bold and assert yourself with questions. I assure you that I will not feel threatened by critical thinking and self-advocacy. On the contrary, one of my goals is to teach you the skills to self-evaluate, and doing so in the safety of a therapy session is a great place to start flexing those skills. I’m going to foster your self-efficacy so you will believe in yourself and your capabilities. 

My style is informal but intentional. 

I am solution-oriented. If you start to wallow in the problem, I will draw you back into finding solutions. I am warm and friendly but also direct and firm when appropriate. I place a premium on honesty and will never lie to you or mislead you. I have strong personal and professional boundaries, and I am a stickler for ethics. I think that’s essential for a trustworthy therapeutic relationship. If you ask me questions about myself, any self-disclosure on my part should serve you clinically. When relevant, I am open about my lived experience in recovery; but this is your therapy, so I keep the focus on you. 

A person's silhouette with their arm reaching up toward the sky and the quote, "Give a person a fish, and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime." Author Unknown

Nobody wants to be treated like a stereotype. 

Most people have common problems with common solutions - anxiety, depression, addiction, unresolved trauma, low self-esteem. But how you acquired those problems and how we arrive at your solutions needs to be personalized. Not just the content, but the design of that content. 

Do you prefer to talk? To read? To watch videos? To write? To express yourself creatively? Do you prefer variety in how you learn? Do you like to set aside a day for study or do you best absorb new ideas in small chunks? You'll let me know, and I'll tailor your assignments around your preferences. Most importantly, all learning should focus on application - how can you use this in your daily life? And since each life is different, it's part of my process to develop content just for you as we go along. 

Now, you may be saying, "Hold on - I'm looking for therapy. I'm not here to go to school." 

Well, sure you are. Therapy is a learning process. Feeling better is a growth process. And you can't have growth without learning.  There's a great saying that applies to just about every problem there is: If nothing changes, nothing changes. 

Your private therapy and training site.

As my client, you'll have a private therapy and training site designed around the information you provide in your intake forms and our initial session. You have 24/7 access to learning content to study and exercises to work on at your own pace. Every lesson is backed by a lesson plan. When you start an assignment, you'll know exactly what KSA (knowledge, skills, attitudes) each lesson targets. You'll know what you're expected to do and how it will serve you in the real world in observable, measurable results. This content spurs your thought process and helps you identify the questions and concerns you want to talk about in session. Your work in between sessions helps us make more productive use of your therapy time. 

Your site is designed to be a smart learning space. This means 

Your therapeutic learning experience is supported with feedback throughout the week - feedback that's timely, focused, and relevant to you and your life circumstances. I offer multiple communication channels through which you can reach me 7 days/week. This level of accessibility means you don't have to wait a whole week to ask a question, share a thought, request additional work, or set up additional time to meet. 

What can I expect from therapy?

You can expect me to give you my 100% best.

You can expect to get out of therapy what you put into it. I am not a mind reader, nor am I a fortune teller. As we first meet, I cannot predict what kind of effort you will put into your therapy, how long it will take, or how you will respond to the work. The longer we work together, the better equipped I will be to point out barriers and offer solutions. Whether you choose to implement those solutions is up to you. I will also supply research that establishes trends in terms of how clients respond to and benefit from different types of coping skills and therapeutic strategies. This research may give you some idea of what to expect, but it is important to recognize that every person has a unique set of genes, experiences, and environment, which is why we tailor your treatment plan to your specific needs.  

I will send you a confirmation text or email before every appointment. This email will also contain the link to a web-based check-in form. The form includes a self-assessment that you will complete before each session so we can track your progress as you see it. If you do not complete the check-in before the session, I will ask you to complete it at the start of the session. You can ask me to show you the results of these assessments any time you'd like.

I will end each session with a brief recap. Please know that I welcome your therapy-related questions at any time during the session. 

We will begin each session with a short breathing exercise - a few cleansing breaths to ground us in the moment - not a full-on meditation, just a few deep breaths. Some good old-fashioned inhaling and exhaling. This grounds us and brings us into the moment and the work at hand. During the session, we'll talk about what you've worked on, what's come up for you in that work and in your life that week, and if there is anything in particular that you'd like to cover that day - anything pressing or anything new.

In some sessions, we will just talk. In other sessions, we may review assignments you worked on, coordinate on new assignments, and plan our direction for future sessions. I'll suggest readings, videos, and exercises for the week and tell you where and how to find them. 

I do take notes during a session, so you may see me writing or typing. It's all about providing a high standard of care, and you are welcome to ask what I wrote. Toward the end of each session, you'll hear a 10 minute timer so we can wrap up and wind down with a few deep breaths, establish any goals for the time between sessions, and set up our next appointment. 

When constructive, I will email you a personalized follow-up care plan that reviews the goals you are working on and gives you a record of the support activities you decided you’d like to work on between sessions (aka homework). If you already have a follow-up care plan, I will send you any updates. 

Other details that clients often like to know about what to expect in sessions:


Please read my conduct and ethics policies and procedures for more information about the standards you can expect from me and the conduct I expect from you. 

To provide the standard of care required by state law and the ethics codes of my profession, it is my policy to meet with you via video for our initial session, at minimum. If you prefer other mediums (phone, text, email) for your regular sessions, we can discuss whether or not this is advisable for you in your first session. That decision will depend on your presenting problems, your home and/or work environment, the technology that's available to you, your schedule, and your level of comfort and skill communicating through various channels. 

If you haven't been there yet, head over to my counseling services page to read about the clinical methods I use and why I chose them.

How often is therapy recommended? 

My business model is built around weekly services when we start out. For the first month, I recommend weekly one-hour video sessions. If you prefer phone sessions, we can switch to audio-only sessions after the initial video session. I also offer therapy services via HIPAA-secure text messaging or email. If you'd like to meet more often than once a week, let me know. Please see my therapy services and fees for all the details. If you have questions after reading that page, please feel free to send questions via this form.  

I base my business model on my training, field experience, and evidenced-based practices. Research in both counseling and education confirms that these methods and materials help you achieve your therapeutic goals and lead to lasting change. 

Studies show that long term treatment has the highest success rate. To get the most out of your therapy and make lasting changes, I strongly recommend we meet weekly for a minimum of 6 months. Every six months, we will review your case and decide together whether to meet less frequently. I will provide you with an update to our pricing structure and informed consent agreement at that time. 

We will review your treatment plan and progress every 30 days. If it is warranted, we may decide to meet less frequently. At that point, frequency will be decided collaboratively based on your progress, your outstanding goals, and your state-of-mind. 

My Qualifications

Counseling Credentials

License and Certifications

Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), State of Florida

National Certified Counselor (NCC)

Board-Certified TeleMental Health Provider (BC-TMH), Center for Credentialing & Education

Specialized Trainings



I maintain my license and certifications with continuing education throughout the year.  Feel free to look at the log of professional counseling workshops I have attended recently if you're curious.

Counselor credential badges: C-DBT, FMHCA Clinical Member, Board Certified Telemental Health Provider, NBCC National Certified Counselor (NCC)

Academic Degrees

2024 Expected. Ed.D, Instructional Design and Technology, Nova Southeastern University

2017 MA, Composition, Rhetoric, and Digital Media, Nova Southeastern University

2012 MS, Mental Health Counseling, Nova Southeastern University

1993 BA, Social Psychology, Florida Atlantic University

1993 Women's Studies Certificate, Florida Atlantic University

1991 AA, Psychology, Palm Beach Junior College

Professional Organizations

Florida Mental Health Counselors Association (FMHCA)

Mental Health Counselor's Association of Palm Beach (MHCAPB)

Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS)

Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT)

Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE)

Instructional Design Credentials

Ed.D student at Nova Southeastern University, with a concentration in instructional technology and distance education. Expected graduation: 2024.

IDOL courses Academy Georgia vocational school in instructional design and online learning (IDOL). 


Therapy for

Addiction Recovery

Therapy for

Stress & Anxiety

Therapy for 

Personal Growth

For Professionals

Practitioner Materials

Get to Know Me

A calm day at the water's edge at Lake Magnolia in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

Choosing a therapist is an emotional decision. 

Clients describe me as someone who speaks the words they need to hear in gentle ways. I’m told I put a lot of heart into my work, and that it comes across. 

Professional Background

I graduated with my mental health counseling degree in 2012. Back when I was in school, I was required to complete a year-long practicum at a treatment site. This practicum is analogous to a doctor going through a residency. As a counselor-to-be, I was placed at a substance use treatment facility where it was my privilege to witness the spirit and courage of people fighting addiction, stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma. There is a flow to recovery - a process that is noble and humbling and beautiful to watch. I chose to specialize in addiction recovery, stress & anxiety, and personal growth in my private practice because I wanted to look forward to going to work every day. I get to watch the most incredible transformations happen for people through this work, and it is easy to be passionate about my job. 

Aside from the counseling profession, my favorite jobs were:

Personal Tidbits

There are different schools of thought on degrees of self-disclosure from therapists. Most clinicians agree that self-disclosure in session should be offered when it has clinical value - when it provides perspective about something you're working on. 

Then there's the type of self-disclosure that might interest you in your search for a therapist. I'm a stickler for professional boundaries. But I also believe it's reasonable that you'd want to know a little something about the person you're going to spend hours talking to about your most personal thoughts and feelings. These are some of the things you might want to know about me as a person that could help you decide if we would be a good fit.

Personality/Personal Life

Personal Beliefs: Religion, Spirituality, Politics, and Culture

Work-Life Balance

There are several things I do to maintain work-life balance. In addition to work, I keep in close contact with family and friends. I place equal emphasis on leisure and intellectual pursuits. I follow blogs on personal development, science and technological innovation, animals, food, and current events. I subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, Amazon Music, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and a variety of newsletters. I love meal time. I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian, and I'm constantly experimenting. I believe food should be pretty, and I put as much energy into plating a meal for myself as I would if I were throwing a dinner party. Cooking is meditative for me. 

I have been in continuous recovery from addiction since 2011. I practice an active recovery program. I call recovery supports daily, I attend meetings and workshops, I have a sponsor, I maintain service commitments, I read voraciously about recovery-related topics, and I journal.  Most importantly, I stay teachable. My addiction recovery clients tell me that they feel more comfortable trusting my work with them because of my lived experience in recovery. They know I can understand what they're feeling.

I spend a lot of time learning to live in the moment from my cat, a Bombay Panther (aka black cat) named Charley-McGillicuddy. I meditate daily, and I use the Yamuna Body Rolling balls for chronic pain management. I'm a big believer in taking time to breathe, stretch, and ponder.  

One of my favorite ways to relax is creating posts for my social media sites. Having a creative outlet that channels my recovery interests keeps my imagination active and my recovery fresh. If you decide to check out my social media site, please be sure to read my social media policy for clients first. 

You may have noticed that I offer counseling services seven days a week, and you might wonder how I avoid burnout. Keep in mind that just because I book sessions seven days a week doesn't mean I have time available every waking hour of all seven days! If I've booked personal time, I consider that time just as booked as it would be for a professional appointment. After all, if I don't model good time management and healthy habits for you, how could you trust me to help you with those issues?

Step outside your comfort zone and build a life you treasure. Recovery is possible. 

Fill out the initial contact and preliminary intake form or email me for a free consultation, and start therapy today!

My Company

My company delivers three service-product offerings: Concierge teletherapy in Florida, instructional design, for private practice clinicians, and practitioner materials. I use e-learning to enhance the therapeutic experience and drive healing, empowerment, and lasting change. 

Vision Statement

The vision of the Michelle Robin Gould Corporation is:

Mission Statement

My mission is helping humans learn how to human. I optimize therapy with supplemental trainings that feature evidence-based, state-of-the-art instructional design. Everything you learn should be personalized, measurable, and applicable in your daily life. 

Core Values

These are the values that drive my company. I chose these values because they demonstrate a commitment to innovation and catalyze trust in the integrity of the company. 

An appointment planner, a computer keyboard, and a cup of coffee rest on a desk.

Services and products are accessible from computer, phone, or tablet, 7 days/week, with service plans that offer concierge-level access to the therapist and instructional designer.

A flag with the word "explore".

Putting people at the center of their own lives so they stop feeling trapped or stuck and start feeling capable by realizing they have more options than they thought.

Birds sit on a power line while one breaks the line and flies away solo into a bright sky.

Offering meaningful solutions through authentic learning experiences that enhance retention, strengthen healing, and transfer to real life situations.

Scrabble tiles spell out "start now".

Setting achievable expectations through lesson plans with clearly-understood, easily measured results that confirm changes in knowledge, skills, and attitudes that elevate experiences in all areas of one’s life.  

Hands from two people connect by holding a heart-shaped paper cutout from either side.

Giving clients engaging tools to work with at their own pace, so self-improvement and lifelong learning fit into their lifestyle.

Three wooden blocks with the words mind, body, soul rest on a bed of colored rocks.

Commitment to providing exceptional value across service, content, security, and support with a focus on improving quality of life. 

Two hands sort puzzle pieces.

Developing new content in response to clients' needs and the emergence of new technologies.


My Logo

The three overlapping triangles in my logo  represent the intersections between my company's three offerings: online counseling, instructional design, and practitioner materials. The intricacy of my logo's icon evokes the complexity of the human spirit. My company tagline, “Exploring options, Enriching lives” speaks for the ideology underscoring of all three of my company’s offerings. 

My Brand Colors

My logo color palette communicates the scope of positive states we humans seek to manifest in our lives. The descriptors below illuminate the meaning behind each color choice and explain the role of each color in supporting my mission, vision, and core values.

Optimistic Orange

Optimism. Creativity. Enthusiasm. Warmth. Friendliness. Welcoming. 

Promising Pink

Boldness. Playfulness. Vibrance. Self-respect. Harmony. Energy. Defiance. Innovation. 

Robin Red

Stimulation. Vitality. Wealth. Passion. Excitement. Urgency. Power. Action. 

Sunshine Yellow

Cheerfulness. Brightness. Fun. Happiness. Awareness. Acuity. 

Soft Lime

Freshness. Naturalness. Growth. Renewal. Generosity. Nurturing. 

Surfer Cyan

Stability. Dependability. Trustworthiness.

Caribbean Cyan

Rejuvenation. Calming. Healing. 

Sea Glass Cyan

Soothing. Restful. Spiritual. 

Strong Cyan

Strength. Loyalty. Dignity. 


Security. Formality. Tradition. Mystery.

Soft Onyx

Elegance. Sophistication. Luxury. Power. Professionalism.


Purity. Simplicity. Clarity. Freshness. Cleanliness.

General Copyright Policy

Please note that all materials on this website are the copyrighted intellectual property of Michelle Robin Gould. These materials may not be shared, distributed, altered, or used for any other purpose on penalty of legal or financial repercussions. These materials are  proprietary and are subject to U.S. and International Copyright Law. 

Copyright Policy Regarding Client Materials

Payment for counseling service packages does not entitle or grant clients licensing rights to intellectual property. Please note that access to your learning materials and therapy and training website is intended only for the personal use of clients of Michelle Robin Gould, LMHC, NCC, BC-TMH and/or the Michelle Robin Gould Corporation. Counseling and learning materials  may not be further retained or further disseminated without express written permission. 

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