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My website is under construction. There may be placeholders on this page for forms that I am in the process of writing. If the title of the the form matches the color of the box, the form is live. if the title of the form is black, the form is not yet ready. If you'd like to be notified when my entire site is fully up and running, feel free to let me know using this form.

I will start taking appointments in January of 2023.

When we decide to work together, I will be happy to exchange email addresses with you. In the meantime, please contact me via these forms. This process helps keep the flow of communication organized and saves us both time.

There's a form for everything. There is even a form for questions that do not fit any of the topics covered in an existing form.

Here's what happens when you reach out:

If you contact me about my therapy services, I will respond via ProtonMail encrypted email service . Read about how that works in my technology and security policies and procedures or on my tech trainings page. I do not offer free phone consultations regarding therapy. Read why in my FAQs.

If you contact me about my instructional design services or my continuing education workshops, I will respond by unsecured business email and it will not be encrypted.

If you are a potential instructional design client and I can provide what you need, we will set up a phone consultation after our initial email communication.


Instructional Design

Contact me to enlist my instructional design services

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Practitioner Materials

Continuing Education, Private Practice Paperwork, Done-for-You Templates, and Counselor Courseware

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Introductions for Networking and Referrals

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Introductions from other businesses

Marketers and outreach professionals, please note that while I appreciate your efforts to let me know of the services you represent, I will not include those services on my website if I have had no direct experience with them, and I will not respond to requests for backlinks. If you believe we may be a good fit for reciprocal referrals and would like to introduce yourself and your organization, please fill out the appropriate form for introductions.


Questions that do not fit the other forms