Instructional Design Documents

Self-Will or Willingness?

I designed this instructor-led training for use in substance use treatment groups for adults. The components include a facilitator guide with suggested group note documentation; a participant guide that functions as a workbook; a post-group critique to assist clinicians in assessing outcomes; and a follow-up activity to encourage real world practice.

Instructional Design Document

This instructional design document (IDD) includes links to all the supplemental materials.

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IDD for Self-Will or Willingess ILT Course Michelle Robin Gould Corporation copyright 2021.pdf

Facilitator Guide

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Self-will or Willingness Facilitator Guide (8.5x11) PDF Standard.pdf

Participant Guide (Workbook)

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Self-will or Willingness Workbook (8.5x11) PDF Standard.pdf

Post-Group Critique

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Follow-Up Activity

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Willingness Practice Progress Chart (Google Docs)

Microlearning Course

Self-Will or Willingness Microlearning Course

The above instructor-let training was adapted for individualized use in this self-paced microlearning course for individual therapy clients with a diagnosis of substance use disorder.

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