Payment Page

For a breakdown of my value-packed psychotherapy services, please see my therapy services and fees page and my description of the advantages of concierge counseling

Please use Square to remit payment all psychotherapy services using the buttons below.

Please use PayPal to remit payment for practitioner materials and instructional design services.

Payment for the initial counseling session and evaluation is due no later than 24 hours prior to your scheduled session. Square is HIPAA-compliant. During your initial session, we will set up a Square portal for you so you can store your payment information, receive invoice reminders, and make payments securely at the touch of a button. If you wish, you can set up this portal by saving your payment information when you pay for your initial session.  

Square accepts many different types of cards, mobile wallets, and FSA and HSA payments. Please be reminded that I do not accept insurance. If you need a referral to a clinician who accepts insurance, please contact your insurance company for a list of contracted providers. 

Counseling services that do not fall into the preprogrammed time frames on the payment buttons below will be invoiced when scheduled and a unique invoice link will be generated for that service and sent to you directly.  

Square is a HIPAA-compliant payment processor, and their service allows for secure storing of your payment information. By default, Square will send your invoices, receipts, and reminders to your regular, unsecured email. You have the option to turn off automatic receipts to protect your privacy. The merchant listed on your charges will be Michelle Robin Gould Corporation and will be identified as a healthcare/medical service. To protect your privacy, regular psychotherapy services will be listed in time increments as "Services" and typically will not be itemized. I am happy to provide an itemized receipt at your request, and you will receive a good faith estimate for all psychotherapy service costs. For more information on the good faith estimate and on my payment policies, fees, and late cancellation fees, please see my therapy services and fees page.